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Our Plaza is getting a much needed facelift! It will be a challenging time for all of us during this process.

About Harrisburg Office Furniture

About Us

Harrisburg Office Furniture, Inc. was opened in 1988 by James Clouser, Sr.

When the business first opened, two of his sons, Jim and John both came to work for their father. Harrisburg Office Furniture was originally located in Harrisburg, but the business eventually moved out of the city and is now located in Camp Hill, PA.

Harrisburg Office Furniture has been a successful business for over 27 years due to the values James held in sales and instilled into his children. Being honest to his customers and taking care of everything from office layouts to the completion of the installation was very important to him. His priority was to always make sure the customer was happy with their experience with Harrisburg Office Furniture.

Harrisburg Office Furniture is now owned by his children, Tracey and Jim who handle sales and run the day to day business. Mike handles deliveries and runs the warehouse. John still works for the business but on a very limited basis due to taking caring of his children. They have two full time delivery/installation employees who have become part of the family.

Tracey has worked at Harrisburg Office Furniture for over 17 years. She specializes in sales, space planning and interior design. She enjoys working with her customers and building a friendly working relationship with them with hopes of having a lifelong customer.

Tracey is married and has a step daughter that is more like her own daughter. She loves going to sporting events like football games and hockey games with her husband. They have a boat in DE and go fishing any chance they get when the weather is nice. She is a huge animal lover and has a special place in her heart for Pomeranians, to which she has four. They get to take turns coming into the office.

Jim has worked at Harrisburg Office Furniture since day one. He is the oldest out of James four children. Jim helped his father get the business up and running after moving to PA from VA. His specialty is in sales and knows just about all there is to know about office furniture.

Jim loves spending time with his friends and family and is also a huge sports fan. He loves going to any type of sporting event and enjoys going to concerts. He has two German Shepherds that are the loves of his life. He also took in his parent’s rat terrier after they passed and has become a part of the pack. Rocky is lucky enough to come to work every day with him.

Mike has been with HOF, on and off, for almost as long as Tracey. He handles the warehouse and making sure everything is in order and ready for delivery.

Mike is married and has four children that he adores and a new grandson. He also enjoys sports as much as his brothers and sister. He loves spending time with his wife and kids. His kids are active in sports and dance so that keeps him pretty busy. He is very close to his family and his friends and is as loyal as it gets.

John has worked for HOF since his father started the company. He is now a stay at home dad and still takes care of certain clients when he gets some free time. He plans on working more in the future as his children get older. John is great at finding new leads and new clients and building long customer relationships with his clients.

John is married and has three children that are everything to him. He is also a huge sports fan just like the rest of the Clousers and enjoys taking his kids to sporting events when he can. He also has his hands full taking his children to sports practice and piano lessons and loves playing catch with them in the backyard.

Chad has been with the company for approx 5 years. He is married and has two sons. Chad is also a volunteer firefighter and loves it. Chad handles all the deliveries and installation of furniture. He is great with all customers and makes sure that the last impression a customer has of HOF is a positive one. He is hard working and dependable and is wonderful to his customers.

Jason is the newest member to HOF. He has been with the company for over two years. He also handles the deliveries and installation with Chad. The two of them work great together and have been friends since they were kids. Jason has 3 children. He loves to spend time with them when he can. Jason is also very hardworking and dependable.

Both Chad and Jason go above and beyond to help HOF customers with anything they can. Whether it’s to move something out of the way to make room for new furniture or to fix a file cabinet, they do it with a smile on their face. HOF customers have nothing but nice things to say about both of them. They are both very important members of the HOF family!!

About Harrisburg Office Furniture